PSL GT, Evolution GT, Formula Evolution, Evolution II and Formula Cockpit.

At first glance our simulators look like any other; take a step closer and you begin to see an unparalleled level of detail and technological innovation never seen before in the world of motor racing simulation.

Immerse yourself in the accessibility of premium design engineering; it’s time for the evolution of quality and attention to detail in simulation that has established our achievement as the industry leader.

Our extensive client base boasts a huge variety of driver backgrounds in GT, prototypes and single seater categories from across the globe. Clients use the training simulator at our head office on a daily basis and have become accustomed to expect nothing but the best which ensures we stay on top of our game in the simulator market and keeps us innovating and moving forward. Our full range of simulators are designed and manufactured by ourselves in Great Britain before coming back to our workshop to be hand assembled and tested to ensure the quality remains the very best in the industry.


The Evolution GT has a driving position that accurately represents a wide range of Supercars, GT cars and any other Tin Top race cars. The driving position is completely adjustable and we fit a race specification Sparco bucket seat as standard.

We are also able to integrate your own seat into the simulator so that you get the exact same feeling on track and on the simulator.

With the frame weighing over 150KG ensures you are able to exert real life forces through the pedals and steering without any flexibility within the frame.  

With complete customisability ensured, means we can create a simulator to match your race car and move you forward on the grid and improve on lap times that we can be sure will translate to real life

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The Formula Evolution has a driving position that accurately represents a wide range of single seater cars.

As well as the standard adjustments on the frame the seat is also adjustable up and down to change the drop from the pedal box to the base of seat. This is important as modern day F1 cars have a large drop but in the junior formulas this drop can be very small.

At Pro-Sim the recognise the importance of training in the very position you would usually sit in real life. This is because you use a variety of different muscle groups compared the the 'GT' style seating position. Pro-Sim is one of the only companies in the world that caters to these requirements. 

With total customisation offered, we can match your driving requirements if you're racing a Formula Ford all the way to Formula One. 

Formula One drivers; Lando Norris, Alex Albon & Carlos Sainz all use the Evolution Formula

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Wherever you look there is not a shortage of high end E sport simulators with nearly all of them offering the same parts on the same chassis that has been modified ever so slightly to seem unique.

This is why we have decided to put together the ultimate E sports machine that utilises our experience of working with top Motorsport drivers directly into your home.

Knowing the key parts that are needed for a realistic simulator we started with including our Evo pedals that are used in all our driver training simulators onto this package as your braking technique is the main transferable skill to real life that can be practiced on a simulator.

We have also selected a direct drive system capable of 25Nm to give you a detailed feel of the road which is equally as important and of course this is all mated to our PSL GT frame that is highly adjustable and rock solid.

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We understand that everyone has different requirements and parameters for our range of simulators. Because of this we have made it possible to completely customise and build your own Evolution or PSL simulator from scratch. Our customer base spans from Professional racing drivers and teams to avid E-Sport racers and simply those who just want to experience the best of simulation without taking it too seriously. 

As Pro-Sim manufacture the simulators completely in house we are able to offer a customization service to truly make the simulator yours. This can be something simple from the colour of the sim up to your custom company logos on the simulator itself. We have done this for many companies and race series over the years with a couple of the finished products shown below. We can even match the simulator colour to your real life car with multi colours and logos.



Key features provided as standard with all frames are as follows:

  • Laser Cut and Powder coated Aluminium Frame Hand Built in the UK to ISO 9001 Standards with Lifetime Warranty
  • Top of the Range Professional Grade SimSteering Force Feedback System with up to 27Nm of 1:1 Torque Output
  • Pro-Sim Evo Pedal System
  • Electronically Adjustable Pedal Position System
  • High end Water Cooled Gaming PC ready to use
  • Motor sport Steering Wheel with Quick Release, Paddle Gear Shifters and External LCD or LED Display
  • High Quality Cabling
  • Hand Built by Experts. Each of our Pro-Sim simulators is hand built by Quaife Engineering in Kent, UK.


These can be added to any of our simulators:

  • Tactile Feedback System
  • Clutch Pedal
  • Quaife Sequential Gearshifter
  • Quaife H-Pattern Gearshifter
  • Various Steering wheel options
  • Classic simulator package, gauges, steering wheel, H pattern, Clutch
  • D-Box Motion System with 1.5” of Travel for Chassis Movement


Each display option has been carefully chosen to provide minimum input lag and minimum motion blur. All 42”- 65” screens includes our custom folding mounting frame and run at at 120hz or more with 12ms of lag

  • Single ultrawide curved screen, 240hz, 1ms lag (1.2metres width required)
  • 3 x 27” Screen, 144hz, 1ms lag (1.5metres width required)
  • 3 x 32″ curved screen, 240hz, 1ms lag (1.7metres width required)
  • Electronically Adjustable Pedal Position System
  • 3 x 55” Screen, 120hz, 8ms lag (3.2 metres width required)
  • Motor sport Steering Wheel with Quick Release, Paddle Gear Shifters and External LCD or LED Display
  • 3 x 65” Screen, 120hz, 8ms lag (3.6 metres width required)


The look, the feel, the sensation. Combine real motor sport hand and foot controls with precision made components designed to the finest level of detail by employing real world experience and you achieve the epitome of what a true to life race car driving experience should be like.

It is our belief that the parts of the motor car you physically come into contact with are the most important areas to reproduce as accurately as possible on the simulator. We use real motor sport components where needed to provide the most accurate representation of real world driving available. Each Evolution Simulator is supplied with the exact same high level of steering and pedal controls developed for the Pro-Sim driver training simulator to achieve the highest level of driving realism to maximise your training potential.

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Having been involved in establishing what is known as the industry standard in high performance steering force feedback systems gives us unique access to reproducing near 1:1 simulated steering feedback with the real world.

The high precision servo motor we use to create the high steering torque has been specified to match the weight of our system for the perfect inertia balance and thus the perfect driving feel as we intended. Over 2 million points of resolution per wheel turn are fed back to the control electronics for processing resulting in an unbelievable amount of detail felt through the wheel.

The steering feedback you receive provides the same feelings as you would expect in real life for whichever car you are driving as all the car models within our software have been backed up with real life steering torque data to ensure accuracy.

Apart from the seat the steering wheel is the only item in the cockpit you are (or should be!) constantly in contact with and have in your vision at all times. It’s one of the most important items in the car and therefore one we consider to be one of the most important to be right in the simulator.

Having built a rapport over the past few years with the steering wheel manufacturer and supplier to many series including GP2 and Formula Renault we are in a unique position to be able to supply real life XAP steering wheels for simulation use.

We also use other GT wheels from manufacturers including Sparco, Momo and AIM.


In terms of importance of being correct, the pedals are on par with the steering and in particular the brake. We have spent a considerable amount of time analysing, developing and testing our hydraulic braking system and adjustable gas spring throttle and believe we now have the most accurate and adjustable pedal system available anywhere. An accurate brake pedal feel is one of the most important areas of a simulator where a driver can improve and take the advantage to the track with them.

The brake pedal is able to withstand over 200kg of force with absolutely no bending or flexing whilst remaining electronically adjustable via the push of a button to move the pedals forward and back running on high quality linear bearings. The entire pedal box has a total travel of 300mm to ensure that anyone can find the perfect position quickly.

The pedals are completely independent and you can set the spacing between the pedals for the required configuration for your current car and all future cars. The pedals are also modular so you can add or take away pedals easily and quickly.

The main plate for the pedals is machine polished and then hard chromed so it is scratch resistant and will continue to look stunning in the future.

The hydraulic system consists of AP brake master cylinders and our own simulated brake calliper. The calliper offers hundreds of different configurations to achieve the brake feel required for your needs. Brake pad knock off or free travel can also be created by adjusting a nut on top of the caliper system.


GEAR SHIFTERS All of our gear shifters have been developed in conjunction with Quaife Engineering. Established in 1965, RT Quaife Engineering LTD have a rich heritage providing engineering solutions for over 50 years and are best known for their market leading sequential gearboxes and Automatic Torque Biasing differentials in the motor sport world.

With the expertise of the Quaife engineers our simulator gear shifters replicate the exact feeling from a motor sport gearbox using real components in a very compact design creating a convenient way to attach them our frames without using a full size gearbox. H-pattern and sequential gear shifters are available allowing for a wide range of vehicle gearbox types.


The frame is designed and CNC manufactured in house using the best quality materials and finishings available to ISO 9001 standards. By keeping the manufacturing in house we are also able to offer a lifetime warranty on all machined parts for our entire range of simulators. Despite the huge range of adjust-ability the frames have a completely solid construction and each simulator frame weighs in excess of 120KG alone.

There is zero flex in the frame which is essential with the true to life forces created by our steering system, pedals and gear shifters recreating the feeling of a full sized vehicle whilst offering unrivalled durability and stability.

The frames are wide enough so that you can brake with whatever foot in any position and the main advancement we have made is that the steering motor is held from the side above the centre line of the steering shaft. This means your knees are free to come as high as you like without touching the frame and you can move your feet from side to side without obstruction.

The entire steering system is also pivoted behind the back edge of the motor so that if you adjust the steering wheel height down the back of the motor will not sit higher than the steering rim and obstruct your driving view. The steering wheel is also easy to adjust the reach both forwards and backwards. Even with all this adjustment the design is extremely robust and you will not experience any flex or movement whilst driving no matter how enthusiastic you get!


As well as our simulator being able to work with all popular simulation software and even games we can also have our custom software with them and that has been constantly developed over the course of years to create the best car models on the market at the moment. Our car models are one of the key points that separate us from any competition in the market as we have built everything our self in house.

When creating the cars we have not only used all the real data like anyone can get their hands on but we have used skill and experience from various drivers of actually driving the car to ensure it feels and reacts just like the real car. When we are modelling the car the specific technique of that car and what is needed in real life to be fast is our main focus to ensure that what you drive on the sim transfers exactly to real life, as there is no point driving an easy car on the sim and then struggling in real life, it should be the other way around!

Our simulator is used every day by top professional teams from many different championships and levels where the accuracy is such that they will compare our simulator data against real data to coach their drivers. This also ensures that all the car models stay up to date as we always have the latest and most accurate information and feedback available to us.

Our Pro-Sim software is managed by us and updated automatically and remotely which means all the complicated parts of our simulator which make it an advanced training simulator are automatically handled by us so that it is still very easy to use. With this system if you need a new car or circuit we can upload it this end and it will automatically download and install to your PC with no input required and then you can drive straight away.

We also have a remote coaching service that is available with our software; we can provide you with data created by a professional driver, and also link simulators together so that your coach can be on the track with you at the same time rather than just sat next to you! So effectively you can have professional coaching from the comfort of your own home and more importantly practice when it suits you.